Dress Code


Being dressed properly for school is a symbol of personal pride and school respect. A well maintained school dress code builds student confidence, reduces distractions, and promotes a positive academic atmosphere.  Click here for PDF Version – DressCode 2020-2021

  • All students must be in compliance with the dress code policy from the time they arrive on campus until they exit
  • If a student is not dressed appropriately, a parent will be contacted to bring proper attire
  • Please settle all clothing issues at home to avoid any problems at school
  • Your support and assistance are expected and will be greatly appreciated!

Tops: (Bartow Middle School uniform tee shirts OR solid color POLO SHIRTS in the colors listed below only)

  • 6th grade – Orange
  • 7th grade – Navy Blue
  • 8th grade – Royal Blue
  • Long sleeve school uniform shirts will be available for purchase later in the school year
  • Shirts must be tucked in pants/skirts at all times
  • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed
  • Uniform t-shirts MUST be purchased from the school. The cost is $7.00 each
  • Solid color (Royal, Orange, Navy) POLO shirts may be purchased from outside sources

Bottoms: (must fit properly, not tight or baggy) 

  • No jeans, sweat pants, gym shorts, knit pants, tights, leggings, or jeggings
  • Cannot be ripped, frayed, bleached or have holes in them
  • Must be proper fitting and worn on the waist (cannot drag on the ground)
  • Must wear a belt
  • Shorts/skirts must be mid thigh or longer in length


  •  Must fit properly, have a back or heel strap, and be tied
  • No Crocs

OUTERWEAR: During warm weather days, outerwear may ONLY be worn in the classroom, cafeteria, and media center.

  •  Outerwear is not to be worn in the hallways or anyplace other than the designated areas during warm weather days
  • During cold weather months, outerwear will be permitted to be worn throughout the campus
  • Hoods are not to be worn inside the buildings


  • Hats or any head coverings
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandanas
  • Backpacks
  • Purses larger than 8.5” x 11”

Dress Code Violation Consequences The Administration of Bartow Middle School reserves the right and responsibility to use discretion at any time when clothing or accessories cause concern or disruption at school. Parents may be contacted to bring appropriate clothing when a student wears something that is specifically prohibited in these guidelines.

**When your child is on our campus, safety and learning are our priorities. Parental assistance regarding your child’s compliance with dress code and behavior is expected. The uniform dress code policy has been established by the administration of Bartow Middle School in conjunction with Polk County School Board policy.

Click here for PDF Version – DressCode 2020-2021