Chorus Solo and Ensemble

Congrats to everyone! We had a fun time at our competition, the students got great feedback from their judge and learned a lot about performing in that setting, most of which was for the first time. Ashley Alvarado Trejo received a Superior for her performance, Samantha Lamb an Excellent, and our Men’s Chorus received a Good for their very first ever competition. We had some friends who were not able to make it last minute and the students did their best anyways. It was a great learning experience for all, and I am so proud of our kids! Congratulations to the following students:

Danielle Wright
Chorus Director

Samantha Lamb
Ashley Alvarado Trejo
Trent Chauncey
Quentin Davis
Dai’kwon Pouncey
Ryan Screen
Elijah Bacon
Ivan Badillo
Jeffrey Bean
Damion Jones
Clayten Brown
De’Sean Davis
William Nickens