FFA Forestry

> Can you …

> Identify 50 state trees by common & scientific names?

> Identify over 40 Insects & Disorders that plague Florida’s over 17 million acres of Forest?

> Identify over 40 tools & equipment that are used in the Forestry industry that contributes    $16.6 Billion each year to Florida’s economy?

> Measure and calculate tree volume of merchantable saw timber by using a Biltmore Stick?

> Use a compass & know how to calculate distance between points within 2 degrees & 2 feet?

> Correctly answer 50 questions about Florida’s #1 Agriculture industry?

> Well… Gracie Bone, Jaime Rullo, Ryan Willis, and Anna Parmer can!

> Wednesday, we travelled to Florida’s Forestry Capitol in Perry yesterday practicing along the way.

> Today, we will be filled with more studying and then our competition will begin with the General Knowledge Exam. After the exam we will train with other teams tonight in Dendrology, I/D, and Tools.  Friday morning we will be finishing the other part of our competition.

> We also are happy to have our feeder school, Bartow Senior training with us. This is the first time in 6 years that they have qualified to compete at State and 3rd time in over 30 years. Parrish Westmoreland, Cassie Waters, Abigail Parmer, and Josh Reese are on this team. All are former Bartow Middle FFA members.

Michele Parmer🐽
Bartow Middle School
Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor